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The Problem

Today's voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant can do a lot of things reasonably well, but nothing perfectly. They only understand commands, not conversations. The problem is, people can't express complex ideas with commands - a dialog is needed to communicate effectively.

How we tackle it

We are working on technology which replaces general semi-skills with domain-specific systems able to interact using natural human dialog. By identifying key areas within a domain, we ensure that our solution will be maximally effective.
Existing voice-based systems are not satisfying due to their "a-little-bit-of-each" approach. We will have a clear focus and want to enable a true conversational interface, starting with a specific pain point: The poor navigational intelligence.

Our Story

In 2016 we founded Wluper in the vibrant area of London's Silicon Roundabout - one of the most significant tech startup hotspots worldwide - where we quickly expanded our team. We believe in rethinking, reinvention and dedication to make our daily lives consistently better. Nothing is perfect as it is. There is always a twist to make it substantially more convenient.

We are very excited to present what we have been up to, but first we have to get it working perfectly. Until then we're being a little tight-lipped with what we're communicating publicly.