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Teaching machines to understand natural language is one of the most challenging problems in Artificial Intelligence. Part of our mission is to conduct research into this area providing hands-on product experience, which drives improvements in our solutions and advances the state-of-the-art.

Areas of Focus

Our research is focused on advancing latest concepts and techniques in Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing. As a result, we will publish papers in relevant journals and conferences in the near term.

Natural Language Processing

  • Temporal Dependencies
  • Interpretability
  • Information Retrieval
  • QA

Recurrent Neural Networks

  • Attention Mechanisms
  • Hierarchical Models
  • Optimisation
  • Transfer Learning


We at Wluper are open to opportunities with universities, R&D departments, or researchers in related research areas. We can collaborate either through projects, degree projects or skills development. You are welcome to get in touch for more information.