Our Story

In 2017, we observed that great leaps had been achieved in the fields of Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing through the application of Deep Learning methods. Apart from our excitement about all those developments, we also witnessed how tech giants were and still are overselling the idea of artificial intelligence due to their generic "a-little-bit-of-each" solutions.

With those things in mind, we decided to take a different path and rethink the relationship technology has with people. We believe in reinvention and dedication to make our daily lives consistently better. Nothing is perfect as it is. There is always a twist to make things substantially more convenient.

About us

Our office is located in the vibrant area of Central London, the epicentre of Europe's deep tech scene. From here we are expanding our great team, always focused on advancing the state-of-the-art.

We are very excited to share what we are up to, but first we have to get things working perfectly. Until then we're being a little tight-lipped with what we're communicating publicly.