• Machine Learning/NLP Engineer

    We are looking for a Machine Learning/NLP Engineer to join our team in London.

    As a Machine Learning/NLP Engineer you will be responsible for both advancing the implementation efforts of our Machine Learning and NLP pipelines for large-scale deployment and training, as well as conducting research experiments that advance our capabilities and understanding. You will be involved from concept, all the way through deployment working closely with the team and taking part in the complete project life cycle, where you will have significant influence. Your work will lie in proposing and discovering novel methods that work well in practice and deploying them in the real world.

    The role will entail designing and implementing a scalable workflow infrastructure, which will orchestrate the training and deployment of the distributed ML system - involving identifying bottlenecks and elaborating solutions. You will design and execute state-of-the-art experiments - including fast system prototyping - that have the potential to enhance or transform our overall system performance. Also, you will work alongside scientists and research engineers to contribute to technical blog posts, research papers, and open source implementations to further explore and research novel methods.

    Basic skills

    • PhD in Machine Learning, NLP, Knowledge Extraction, Information Retrieval, or related field
    • 3-5+ years academic and/or industry experience in Natural Language Processing, deep learning for NLP, or related fields
    • Proficiency in Machine Learning frameworks such as Tensorflow and/or Pytorch
    • Hands-on experience in building real world dialogue and NLP systems
    • Skilled in Unix environments and Python using Sklearn, pandas, NumPy etc.
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills with both technical and non-technical peers
    • Ability to design and execute on the research agenda with desired outcomes of promising methods for future integration into production

    Preferred skills (nice-to-haves)

    • Proficient in mathematical fundamentals of ML: supervised and unsupervised methods, generative and discriminative models, scalable (approximate) inference
    • Understanding of design for scalability, performance and reliability
    • Track record of publications in leading NLP and/or ML conferences
    • Hands-on experience in leading and motivating engineering teams
    • Competent with popular NLP frameworks e.g. PyText, AllenNLP, NLTK, spaCy

    Please send your CV and cover letter to careers@wluper.com