• Research Scientist

    We are looking for a Research Scientist to join our team in London.

    As a member of the core team you will be responsible for advancing our research efforts. You will be involved from concept, all the way through deployment, and taking part in the complete engineering life-cycle, where you have significant influence and will be part of our community. Your work will lie in advancing our knowledge of Dialogue Systems and proposing and discovering novel methods that work well in practice.

    The role entails working closely with the engineering team to port research-like prototype solutions, relating to Dialogue State Representation, Dialogue Management and Knowledge Base creation, to the real-world deployment. Naturally, exploring state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms - both probabilistic and frequentist - and researching novel methods will be at the core. Overall, this is an opportunity to work on one of the most challenging, exciting and innovative fields in recent years, build a large-scale distributed cutting-edge Machine Learning system, release open source implementations and publish academic research.

    Basic skills

    • Relevant work experience, including full-time industry experience or as a researcher, in building real world dialogue and NLP systems
    • Competency to propose and maintain research projects with desired outcomes of promising methods for future integration into production
    • Ability to quickly prototype algorithms presented in recent literature developments
    • Skilled in Unix environments and Python using Sklearn, pandas, NumPy, etc.
    • Proficiency in Machine Learning frameworks such as Tensorflow and/or Pytorch

    Preferred skills (nice-to-haves)

    • PhD in Machine Learning, NLP, Knowledge Extraction, Information Retrieval, or related field
    • Proficient in mathematical fundamentals of ML: supervised and unsupervised methods, generative and discriminative models, scalable (approximate) inference
    • Experience contributing to research communities and/or efforts, including publishing papers at the leading NLP and/or ML conferences
    • Hands-on experience with popular NLP frameworks e.g. PyText, AllenNLP, NLTK, spaCy

    Please send your CV and cover letter to careers@wluper.com