• Creating real Conversational AI

Imagine you're an Astronaut in a big city and Wluper is your personal Houston

You already own one of the most powerful and fascinating things mankind ever created: a computer! You have it with you all the time. At your home, at work, in your pocket, in your car, everywhere. Not to mention all the incredible things you can do with it.

Imagine what you could experience if you had the ability to talk to it in a new way, as you would with a friend. Imagine how this would completely transform how you use devices, how you access information, how you move through a city, how you live.

Redefining Intelligence

Today's voice assistants can do a few things reasonably okay, but nothing perfectly. They only understand commands, not conversations. The problem is people can't express complex ideas with commands, hence, a dialogue is needed to communicate effectively.


Teaching machines to understand natural language is extremely complex and is considered the holy grail in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Extracting and providing relevant and useful information from the right places is even more challenging and with current approaches ultimately impossible to scale.
We're at the intersection of Natural Language Processing, Dialogue, and Knowledge Bases, and aim to bring them together by leveraging state-of-the-art deep learning.

Deep Semantic NLU
Discourse Modelling
Dynamic Dialogue State Tracking
Dialogue Management
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We are backed by renowned tech investors, dedicated to innovations, and with an impressive track record of supporting and building successful companies.

Dr Zehan Wang

Co-Founder & CTO
of Magic Pony (acq. by Twitter)

Ian Hamilton

Investor & Board Member
at Tessian


We think that the future of how people interact with machines will be created through collaborations between different fields. In everything we do as a company, we want that collaboration to propel the development process of our work. Get in touch to see what opportunities we can look at together.

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