Applicable to any industry and sector

Wluper is applicable to many industries and sectors. Below are some examples of how TrueUnderstanding® can solve pain points for your industry.

Real Estate and BuildingsSites and ConstructionFactories and PlantsUtilitiesInfrastructureRail and Public Transport
Real Estate and Buildings

Facility & Property Management

Empower your facility and property managers

The growing demand from customers for integrated facility management has reshaped the market and has changed customers’ expectations. Voice enabled real-time information acquisition and richer functionality lead to better decision making.

Sites and Construction

Construction & Engineering

Enable your workers to complete site inspection forms in seconds

Operations on construction sites are complex and rely on accurate data. Improve project confidence with voice-based information capturing that removes uncertainty and accelerates planning and execution.

Factories and Plants

Factories & Warehouses

Empower your factory workforce with novel capabilities

Manufacturing operations depend on good data coming from the frontline. Our NLP solutions help to optimise overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and allows operating and maintenance teams to carry out tasks and resolve issues quicker and more accurately.  



Allow your contractors to log activities and raise issues easily

Cities and sub-urban areas are steadily expanding. Infrastructure and urban planning operations rely on high volume and high quality data to successfully and safely complete complex projects and ensure long-term sustainability. Conversational AI automation can help reach
that goal.



Enable your frontline workforce to submit site diaries using voice

The production, transmission, and delivery operations of electricity, oil, and gas are complex and require accurate data from the field to ensure a detailed system of record and safe workers. Voice-based systems support these processes.

Rail and Public Transport

Rail & Public Transport

Log daily operations and keep your workforce compliant

Developing, building, and maintaining public transport infrastructure requires a lot of coordination and planning. Conversational AI technology is capable of capturing detailed assets and maintenance information quickly and accurately, and helps translate industry jargon into a company-specific format.