Field operations can be complex. Your workflows don’t have to be. 

Allow your workforce to speak with your in-house systems and apps in a new way, using their own voice. One button that magically fills in any existing form with Wluper’s Conversational AI technology.

The problem with existing interfaces

Making a simple graphical interface is relatively easy, but creating a really world class experience is practically impossible if the complexity increases, especially if everything is still grounded on form-based interfaces that originated in the 1980s. Forms are good for structuring data and they won’t go anywhere anytime soon. But it’s time to advance them.

Our solution

Our powerful Conversational AI platform allows your workforce to use their voice - the most natural form of communication - to converse with your applications and data, allowing you to connect with your existing in-house systems through simple integrations in order to create the best experiences.

The problem with traditional NLP and Chatbots

Years ago, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and arising chatbots were hailed as the big game-changer. They are great for certain applications or simple assistants, but they rarely solve actual problems and are often considered nothing more than gadgets. Too inaccurate, slow, and unscalable.

Our solution

Wluper's technology has the ability to make sense of compositionality and can understand your workers’ complex and naturally-asked questions and the different nuances in human language, all in a scalable way.

Hypes have misguided expectations

Organisations and developers have experimented with various approaches under false promises of increased accuracy, only to realise that - even with decent amounts of data - they were only creating models that pretend to understand language.

Our solution

We think that the future of how people interact with machines will be created through a combination of different fields, not just a single one. We work at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Linguistics, which is seeing the birth of a growing number of interrelated fields.

No-code or drag and drop  platforms are cool, but they won’t cut it

Businesses can’t just replace their legacy systems and they often don’t have the required knowledge or talent to implement long overdue changes. This means even if open source tools and platforms exist, they can rarely be utilised to build significantly better, scalable capabilities. Plus, many platforms force businesses to lock themselves up into third-party ecosystems.

Our solution

Wluper offers the features, scalability, and flexibility that enterprises and distributors demand. In everything we do as a company, we want real-life insights to propel our development process. That’s why we reinvented the way NLP comes in to create better and easier-to-deploy solutions.