Make your applications conversational and smarter

Wluper is adaptable to many company processes and use cases. Whether search, filtering, Q/A, or form filling, our solutions are fast, accurate, and easy to implement. Below are some scenarios of how TrueUnderstanding® can be used for a variety of tasks and operations within field service.

Automated issue reporting

Scenario: Sam is a facility manager who does daily rounds around the shopping mall after. He notices an issue with one of the escalators and needs to report a problem so that it can be looked into by the tech team.

Solution: Sam uses a Wluper TrueUnderstanding-powered app to record the issue with the respective escalator, providing detailed description about the problem whilst looking at it. TrueUnderstanding summarises the query, categorises it, defines the intent, fills in all relevant fields, and assigns additional properties. The issue is timestamped and an action is created.

Scenario: Max is a technician who just finished replacing a piece of floor in a large factory office. While boxing up his equipment, he realises that there is water leaking from the air conditioning unit on that floor and decides to quickly report it.

Solution: Max uses his monitoring app, powered by TrueUnderstanding®, to log the issue using his natural language. He provides additional details, including location information, and provides a recommended action together with a natural priority rating to get it done soon.

Scenario: Jamie is a maintenance manager and is starting her shift in a residential building complex. While doing her routine check, she notices several items blocking the fire exit next to the neighbouring restaurant.

Solution: Jamie pulls out her phone to report the problem and submits it to the building’s ticketing system. She describes the items and which exit they are blocking, assigns a task to the person responsible, and identifies the restaurant as the source of the issue.