About us

In the past few years, great leaps have been achieved in the fields of Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing through the application of Deep Learning methods. Yet, teaching machines to understand natural language remains extremely complex and is still considered the holy grail in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Unlocking the human language 

We are working towards real Conversational AI and decided to take a different path by rethinking the relationship technology has with people. We believe in reinvention and dedication to make our daily lives consistently better. Nothing is perfect as it is. There is always an opportunity to make things substantially better.

Our Advisors

Dr Daniel Hook

CEO of Digital Science

Technical Advisor

Rory Gray

VP UK, IRL & Nordics at UiPath

Commercial Advisor

Mohammed Terry-Jack

Senior ML Engineer at Oxolo

Research Advisor

Our Investors

We are backed by renowned tech investors, who are dedicated to innovation, and have an impressive track record of supporting and building successful companies.

Zehan Wang

Co-Founder & CTO
of Magic Pony (acq. by Twitter)

Ian Hamilton

Investor & Board Member
at Tessian