Scale to more productivity with TrueUnderstanding®

You can’t build a market-leading product or implement an effective solution on 30-year-old technology. We ditched the old rule-based systems and primitive chatbot approach and built a better, more accurate, faster, scalable, and cost-effective solution that creates meaning out of unstructured free-form voice and text.

Quickly expand products and accelerate growth

Whether you are building a mobile app or providing services to your workforce, our TrueUnderstanding® API, together with our developer-friendly SDK, give you access to powerful voice and language understanding technology on any device, with just a couple lines of code. Providing you with the best understanding of your workers and their issues for nearly every scenario.

Why is TrueUnderstanding® better?

Better information capturing

Our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities are more precise and fine-grained than other NLUs. This allows you to have higher quality insights, data and logging, and improves your decision making.

More natural understanding

Users can speak more naturally than ever before. We do not need people to stick to pre-scripted text and patterns. Your users can speak the way they are used to.

No more dealing with NLU

Our proprietary data pipeline allows us to create bespoke NLU models for you in a fraction of the time, so that you don’t have to. This allows you to roll out faster and with more confidence than ever before.

Scaling Machine Learning for any volume

Deploying large-scale NLU models is hard, expensive, and time-consuming. Our ML Operations infrastructure solves it for you.


For end users

Ask super naturally

No robotic input. Speak as freely as you would speak to a friend.‍

More complex queries

Speak in longer sentences and include more information in one go.

Voice is so much faster

Report issues and fill in forms in a fraction of the time.

Portable and hands-free

Talk through a headset or directly into your phone. No writing in the rain, no typing in the cold.


No pen, paper, or old lagging legacy hardware in the dark.


No writing or typing in a rush. Less stress and ease of mind.


Do more in less time.

For businesses

Higher staff efficiency

Next-gen interface allows your staff to be focused on what actually matters. Just click a button and let the magic happen.

Fast, flexible, and safe deployment

Our developer-friendly SDK and all components lead to reduced development and integration costs.

Quicker time to roll out

Proprietary data and ML pipelines lead to faster NLU models for your use-case, allowing you to go to market quicker and better than before.

Less errors in reporting and logging

Data quality increases to new levels, improving your data for audits and internal usage.

Better decision making 

More efficient operations and more precise data leads to less time wasting and reduces wrong outcalls.

Detailed insights

Our Dashboard with in-built analytics provides a central command centre.

Increased staff satisfaction

Increased ease and speed of interaction leads to higher staff satisfaction, retention, and attraction.