Could Voice AI Tech be a Solution to the Economic Crisis?

Kiren Kahlon

January 25, 2023

9 min read

The past few years have been unsettling for more businesses to say the least. Following the global pandemic, things haven’t quite gone back to normal since, with economies continuing to suffer and inflation causing rising living costs. 

Research from ClickUp reveals that 26% (7.7m million) of people based in the UK are planning to change jobs as a direct result of the crisis. This is putting increasing pressure on businesses to keep their operations running to a high standard, despite having lower staff levels.

The research also found that companies with higher productivity levels were better positioned to offer more competitive salaries since their workforces provide comparatively high levels of output on a daily basis, meaning the key to attracting and retaining talent could be to ensure your organisation is focusing on optimising productivity. 

Could switching to voice-first experiences be the key to better productivity? 

We believe smart Voice AI technology can be a huge part of the solution when it comes to addressing productivity issues. Below we have highlighted some of the ways voice can enhance operations.

Enables hands-free operations

Switching to hands-free offers a huge range of benefits and can be used in multiple areas of a business. The deskless workforce would especially benefit from this because of the mobile and hands-on nature of the job. Often, workers are forced to stop work in order to log information or communicate with their team, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

Voice-enabled devices allow workers to focus on the job and hand and provide a safer, easier and more efficient way of working. They can replace manual note taking, referring to paper manuals for training, or having to wait for members of the team for specific instructions. 

Documents, logs, databases and even colleagues can be accessed using voice, meaning workers can keep their hands free to do their job while interacting with the device. This doesn’t just make it easier and safer for the worker, but also much quicker. Their time can be spent focusing solely on the job, without having to stop and start multiple times. 

Improves communication

Communication is essential in every area of the business and simplifying how your workers communicate with each other has a huge impact on productivity. Voice AI is a great tool to help with communication obstacles because it allows workers to communicate whilst on the job, even if their hands are full or they’re in the middle of a task.

If information is required as quickly as possible, voice-based devices can allow workers to access instruction manuals or speak to their colleagues to get the information they need. Notifications for emails or texts could also be spoken to the worker through the device, meaning they do not need to stop what they’re doing in order to receive messages.

Delivers more accurate data and immediate, actionable insights

Since speaking is so much quicker than typing, the quality of data a worker provides when speaking into a device is of a much higher level than it would be if they were writing it down. We have found that far more information is given when talking since the device is interacted with whilst on the job, rather than after. The data is also much more accurate as workers say what they see, rather than what they remember. More detail is also given when speaking, whereas writing can lead to more general points, which would require more clarification further down the line. 

This accuracy and precision means the data received is of a much higher quality and voice-based devices also allow this data to be received immediately, meaning there is no waiting around for valuable insights. You can track logs as they happen, making it much quicker to determine if more work is required or if enough information has been given.

Looking ahead

As more businesses look to do more with less, optimising operations is critical. Voice AI technology gives organisations the chance to do what they’re already doing much quicker and more efficiently. 

At Wluper, we are working on ​​unique voice-based Conversational AI technology, giving you access to a powerful voice and language understanding solution on any device. Using advanced NLU, we allow users to speak more naturally than ever before. No scripts or patterns, simply speak as you normally would and our voice-based technology will understand. 

Learn more about our TrueUnderstanding™ API or book a live demo to see Wluper in action.

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