TrueUnderstanding® API: Powerful Voice-based AI Built for Industry

Kiren Kahlon

June 7, 2023

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The way we work is changing. More businesses are recognising that older tools like legacy hardware or the traditional pen and paper approach are out-of-date and no longer fit for purpose. 

With powerful automation tools becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, it’s no surprise that these tools are now also making their way into the business world. More organisations are actively seeking to provide their workforces with the tools they need to reduce costs, enhance their operations, streamline processes, increase productivity and improve performance. 

With more than 80% of organisations already planning to increase their investment in automation solutions in the near future, it’s clear that a large percentage of the workforce will soon be modernising for good, and we believe our TrueUnderstanding® API is the best tool for the job. 

Faster and higher-quality hands-free operations

Enabling hands-free operations is at the heart of TrueUnderstanding®. Being able to build forms digitally isn’t anything new, however being able to complete forms using voice in addition to text is still something that Conversational AI tools are unable to do. 

Our technology allows you to speak into a device and then extracts that data and auto populates your forms and workflows. This means everything can be done in one process and the voice element allows for a fully hands-free operation - which is faster* and captures more high-quality** data. 

*4-7x times faster (based on data collected through our POC).

** 2.5x more data and 0 language mistakes, such as spelling or grammar (based on data collected through our POC).

Modern solutions for the modern workforce

It’s well known to many that existing voice-based solutions require a lot of expertise and upfront training and/or data — things that are rightfully off putting for businesses looking to modernise their operations. Plus, many tools on the market still use Classical NLP, rather than Generative, which can require a lot of time to get started. Take a look at the table below, which compares how quickly domain-specific/ specialised Generative NLPs like ours can get you up and running, compared to Classical.

Classical NLP vs Specialised Generative NLP

We have seen the issues that come with so many Conversational AI solutions in the market and that is why our technology is built to be different. Our solution takes just minutes to get started. Af, ter sharing a form you currently use, we can set you up with our advanced natural language solutions. There’s no waiting around or having to complete hours or days of training to get started. 

So how does TrueUnderstanding® compare to LLMs such as ChatGPT? Take a look at the processes below. 

Scenario: Sam is a facility manager who does daily rounds around the shopping mall and needs to complete a site inspection form. He notices an issue with one of the escalators that needs to be reported and looked into by the tech team. 


The information needs to be written into the ChatGPT platform. Voice input can be activated by installing a Chrome or Edge extension. 

ChatGPT responds with the following:

This has separated the information from a single chunk of text into helpful bullet points. However, there is no way for this information to be automatically added into the site inspection form. Sam would therefore need to copy and paste the relevant information into the fields of the form and then inform the tech team separately.

As you can see, this doesn't really help speed up the workflow process, since there is still a lot of manual input required from the worker.

Wluper’s TrueUnderstanding® API

TrueUnderstanding® allows you to build forms digitally - with the voice component in addition to text. As you can see in the images below, you have the option to enter information by either voice or text input. Our smart technology then extracts the data and auto populates the form. This means everything can be done in one process and the voice element allows for a fully hands-free operation. 

TrueUnderstanding® in action

As well as recognising the priority of the issue, our technology is able to automatically assign James Williams to the job and ensure you collect the data you need with pre-requisites such as required fields. With one simple voice input, every required field of the form is completed, it is escalated to the required person and no hands or typing were required in the process!

As well as auto populating forms, TrueUnderstanding®’s voice commands can also be used to navigate through other business processes, including menus, interfaces (open camera, save file etc.) and to store data. Our technology combines ASR, NLU and Dialogue for a highly flexible and scalable framework that is built to stay on top of new trends and/or achievements from academia and research communities. This means we can also incorporate LLMs including ChatGPT into our model, meaning you can have the latest technologies at your fingertips, not just one.

Customisable — even after deployment

A major issue we hear from prospective customers is that their specialist terms or company jargon is not always recognised when using Conversational AI tools. Unlike most LLMs, where it is often impossible or complex to teach new data, we are able to adapt our solution on-the-fly to include technical terms and company-specific language. 

Offering ‘on-the-fly’ customisation is a unique capability of TrueUnderstanding®; our competitors do not currently offer this. This makes us the only provider with the ability to update and improve the system for you within seconds as opposed to long retraining cycles.  

So, what would this look like in practice? Let’s say an internal maintenance form has been updated to include a new required field. We can implement this change on the fly, so your digital form is updated without an app needing to be redownloaded. It is instant — the moment you click save, the app gets updated.

Online and offline capabilities and fully data compliant

We are the only Conversational AI solution on the market that works both online and offline. Yes, you read that right. Apps like ChatGPT are OpenAI products, which means they can only run online. 

Our technology is 100x smaller than our competitors, meaning we can port our models onto a single device, and that allows our technology to also work offline. This means we can also temporarily store data offline on our servers until an internet connection is restored to sync data to the cloud.

Since we use in-house built solutions and algorithms, our data is stored securely on our own servers, making us compliant with general data protection regulations and the internal policies of our clients. Tools such as ChatGPT on the other hand often do not comply with data regulations due to concerns about the collection, processing, and storage of such data.

Our clients can access their data, meaning instead of wondering where it is going, they are in charge of how their data is being used, offering more transparency, security and peace of mind.

App-based or SDK — the choice is yours

TrueUnderstanding® can work in two ways. The first is app-based, where we provide companies with access to our app and interface to build their own forms (turning their existing (paper) forms into a smart and voicified (digital) version. 

The second option is to integrate our voice AI capabilities into an existing app. To do this, we  provide our clients with SDKs, which requires less than 10 lines of code to implement and means companies can continue to use their own apps but with our voice functionality. 

The future is voice automation, not typing or writing

AI technology has the ability to increase business productivity by 40% or more, plus our customers have reported they receive 2.5x more data when switching to voice-first operations, proving that implementing voice technology into your business processes and workflows can have a huge impact. 

Want to see our technology working on your existing systems? Get in touch for a free prototype or book a live demo to learn more about our TrueUnderstanding® API.

At Wluper, we are working on ​​unique voice-based Conversational AI technology, giving you access to a powerful voice and language understanding solution on any device. Using advanced NLU, we allow users to speak more naturally than ever before. No scripts or patterns, simply speak as you normally would and our voice-based technology will understand. 

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